We are a small independent game developer and publisher located primarily in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but with connections worldwide, particularly in the Far East. 

Our passion is crafting thought-provoking interactive games, particularly visual novels and RPGs.  

Our tools of the trade include pencils, overactive imaginations, notebooks, SketchUp, Sweethome3D, IbisPaint, iPhones, Ren'py, Python, Xcode, and much more.

Our current project is "Sam in New York," a graphic novel which can be read on Tapas and Webtoon. Find out more about it here! "Sam in New York" will also eventually be made into a free-to-play visual novel. You can learn more about the "Sam in New York" visual novel here.

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Meet The Team

Imelda Wei Ding Lo

Writer, Concept Artist, and Founder of Fortunus Games

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Fortunus Games

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