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Sam in New York

Genres: Psychological, slice of life, metafiction


Media: Graphic Novel


Release Schedule: Updates every Sunday at 2:00 PM EST!



On April 6, 1901, in the maternity ward of a hospital on the Lower East Side of New York City, Samuel Abramov - the one and only child of Lev and Raisa Abramov - is born.

"Sam in New York" follows Sam's life from his elementary school years to his late twenties, as he deals with his overbearing, demanding parents' desire for him to be a lawyer, his burgeoning love for the theatre, and embarks on his unceasing quest for fame, love and acceptance.

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The Book of Joel

Genres: Psychological, slice of life, drama

Media: Graphic Novel


Release Schedule: Every Friday at 2:00 PM EST!



Those who know him well (such as Sam Abramov and Malka Spitzer) say he’s like a cactus - soft on the inside and prickly on the outside. This is the story of Joel Farber - debate enthusiast, stamp collector, and seeker of truth.

Join Joel as he grows up on the Lower East Side of New York City, as he falls in love with the perceptive Malka, copes with his shockingly low self-esteem, struggles to free himself from his dysfunctional family, and wrestles with the remnants of a childhood stutter.



Sam in New York: The Anthology

Genres: Psychological, metafiction, historical, slice of life, drama


Media: Illustrated short stories


Release Schedule: Random



A companion to the graphic novel "Sam in New York," this anthology is a collection of short stories about Sam, his family, and his friends, exploring the trials and tribulations they faced while growing up and growing old on the Lower East Side.

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Finding Sam

Genres: Psychological, drama, romance


Media: Graphic Novel



This is an alternative universe (AU) retelling of Sam Abramov's story. 

To learn more about his canon story, check out "Sam in New York."

Sam Abramov's childhood dream was to become an actor. Now a 25-year-old law school graduate barely making ends meet as a legal assistant, Sam has long laid to rest his dream of making it big as an actor. He is no longer sure of his future and feels increasingly anxious about his career. However, his life will soon radically change in more ways than one...!