Sam in New York

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On April 6, 1901, in the maternity ward of a hospital on the Lower East Side of New York City, Samuel Abramov - the one and only child of Lev and Raisa Abramov - is born.

"Sam in New York" follows Sam's life from his elementary school years to his late twenties, as he deals with his overbearing, demanding parents' desire for him to be a lawyer, his burgeoning love for the theatre, and embarks on his unceasing quest for fame, love and acceptance.

The Greatest American

Novel Ever Written

In this novel, writer, comedian, and lawyer Sam Abramov reimagines his life as a series of what-ifs. What if he hadn't become a lawyer? What if he had become the actor he felt he was always meant to be?


Side-splittingly hilarious and shockingly candid, "The Greatest American Novel Ever Written" explores Sam's desires, regrets and various complexes, including and especially his obsessive desire for fame and recognition.

Listen to the audiobook version here.

Finding Sam

Sam Abramov's childhood dream was to become an actor. Now a 25 year old law school graduate barely making ends meet as a legal assistant, Sam has long laid to rest his dream of making it big as an actor. He is no longer sure of his future and feels increasingly anxious about his career. However, his life will soon radically change in more ways than one...!


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