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Andrei's Letter to Katya (2) - by Tete.Depunk

Tete, thanks so much for writing and designing yet another amazing letter from your character Andrei to Katya!

Read the first letter here.

This is a letter that responds to the letter I wrote here:


Andrei and Katya have had a long cross-series relationship - Tete and I have done a number of role plays between the two of them, and they make a wonderful couple. You can read some of our old RPs between Andrei and Katya here.

We will be sharing more about this crossover in the future!

Check out Tete's DeviantArt for more of her stunning art and stories!

The letter says:

June 8th, 1926

Border Territory

Dearest Katyushenka! Dearest precious girl of mine - your letter saved me! It's been the damndest set-back, me training on this assignment on the border. But these young cubs don't know their way through the mountains. They're still raw and tender, dear girl. We should only be a month, I know. Pardon the sad state of the letter, honey girl, our transit had the devil of a time getting through the road. Bad thing, all this damn rain. Roads - hah - what roads? Might as well take a sleigh with runners instead. Seems our good got water-damaged, including this correspondence here. The boys send their thanks for the extra prianki you sent us, beloved little bird of mine.

It's been a decent affair, this border assignment. I've seen such lovely birds and heard their calls. It makes me think of you, darling dear loon of mine. I miss you. I miss you so fiercely I'd teeth and claw my way back to you through stone and steel, girl.

Of course, I miss your cooking, Katyushenka. I miss it so much that I can't tell what hurts more, my heart or my stomach! Katyushenka, Katyushenka, my dear angel, am I really one of your favourite people? Dear girl, you're my only favourite, favourite girl, that is. Katya, you're happy in Moscow, no? Seems like that golden city gets farther and farther away in my duties. Can't be helped, dear sweet bird. The army, the men, it's my very body, but my heart is yours. What a crossroads. But I wonder - would you be happy, being the bird you are, to fly with me when your poor old wolf is called away? Katya - beauty needs beauty, and the Caucasus needs your face and smile like I do. Would you travel down here, be closer to your poor, poor Dusya? Don't answer yet - think it over, beloved honey girl. You could always fly back and forth. See more of the Union, dear little loon.

Mad in love like a howling wolf,

Your crazy Dusya.

P.S. I discovered this at the marketplace. The seller told me a princess wore it. I don't believe him. You'll probably be the first princess to wear it.

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