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Andrei's Letter to Katya (1) - By Tete.Depunk

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Tete, thanks so much for writing and designing this amazing letter from your character Andrei to Katya!

It's amazing to see how authentic it looks and I love how Andrei's love for her shines through.

Andrei and Katya have had a long cross-series relationship - Tete and I have done a number of role plays between the two of them, and they make a wonderful couple. You can read some of our old RPs between Andrei and Katya here.

We will be sharing more about this crossover in the future!

Check out Tete's DeviantArt for more of her stunning art and stories!

Original Version from March 2021:

Updated Version from April 2021:

What it says:

May 1st, 1926

Rostov Oblast

My dearest Katyusha, my darling sweetheart of a bird, you're doing well, I hope. God, it's been a week since your telegram, darling little loon of mine. Thought I'd save you the kopecks and send you a letter instead. It's been so damningly lonesome it's making me sick not seeing you and those shimmering eyes like leaves through the sunlight, Katyushenka. I feel deject like some sad stray, shambling through the alleys, but no fear, within a month, my command sends me back to Moscow and we'll meet again.

So! You told me you curled your hair, Katyushenka. It was pretty before. Can't imagine how much prettier it is now. Perfection upon perfection, as they say.

Your devoted old wolf on the steppe, me, took care to send you a pair of nice earrings. They're not flashy like a ballerina or Parisienne, but they're elegant in their simplicity, a true look of a gentle lady as you are, dear gentle bird of mine. Many thanks, dear honey girl of mine, for the tin of prianki you sent last week. The paper and wrapping was trim and nice. It looked like an Easter gift, dear. Thanks again! All my men envied me, but don't worry, I shared with those upstart pups!

Now, save your kopecks and don't send me a telegram, dear. Send your poor pining Dusya a letter with your dainty handwriting. If I can't see your face, I can feel your smile through the letters and ink, my beloved little bird.

In love like a mad, mad wolf,

Your crazy Dusya

P.S. Tell Lera he owes me 10 rubles. I beat Arasha in drinking last night. I sure can hold my liquor!

P.S.S. Send more prianki, darling!

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