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Becca/ThatTallGinger2's Fanart of Malka!

Guys, check out Becca/ThatTallGinger2's portrayal of Malka!

The description (taken from Becca's Instagram, @gingerattack95):

Have a Malka in modern times in A silvertongue's tale! I feel like she'd be one who'd be able to be very scary if she really wants to, even though she probably has like.. light magic. This is probably her getting tired of Joel and Sam's antics that day and she just really wants to get to dinner. Malka belongs to @FortunusGames I hope you like~

"A Silvertongue's Tale" is Becca's awesome comic series, which you can check out here. It explores the themes of trauma, overcoming trauma, and finding a found family.

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