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Beijing Dongyue Temple Pictures - December 2011

Decided to upload these photos on my website so you guys can see them more clearly! I've already posted most of them on my travel Instagram, @fortunustravels.

The Beijing Dongyue Temple (simplified Chinese: 北京东岳庙; traditional Chinese: 北京東嶽廟) is a #taoist temple in Chaoyang District in Beijing, China. It was founded in the Yuan dynasty and is one of the biggest Zhengyi Taoist temples in Beijing.

This was one of the first places we went after we got off the plane (and slept). After this, we went to the Forbidden Palace, which you'll see shortly.

Beijing was surprisingly cold. I think it was because of the strong Siberian winds.

From my December 2011 trip to Beijing. Pictures were taken with my 2011 DSLR.

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