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Dear Esther x Bioshock Crossover - Jack's Monologue (Made in Gmod)

Made in Gmod.

All of the dialogue is by ChatGPT! I prompted it to create a Dear Esther-like monologue about Jack, the silent protagonist of Bioshock. I wanted Jack to explore his feelings about being a pawn for Atlas and also about being a voiceless, faceless blank canvas for the player.

This turned out more emotional than I thought!


Jack's AI voice is the Larry voice from studio, which offers 10 minutes of free AI voice generation and 4 free downloads.

Royalty-free background music by the awesome Punch Deck. @PunchDeck

For the caves level (track: Elegance in Simplicity): Download here.

For the final level (track: Journey to Another World): Download here.

Transcript of the ChatGPT-generated monologue:

Dear Esther... or should I now say, dear forgotten shores that cradle my weary soul. Here, in this place of solitude, I am granted a respite from the depths of Rapture. The weight of my past, the shackles of my destiny, momentarily lifted.

As I wander through these abandoned paths, I find solace in the silence. No longer do the echoes of chaos and despair assail my senses. Instead, I am greeted by the gentle lullaby of crashing waves and the whispers of nature's secrets.

How wondrous this world is, untouched by the hands of man's ambition. The cliffs rise high, reaching for the heavens, while the vast expanse of the ocean stretches out before me, an endless tapestry of blue. In these untouched realms, I find a glimmer of peace.

I am but a speck in this grand design, a wanderer caught between worlds. The choices that defined me in Rapture, the sins I committed, they pale against the backdrop of this serene beauty. Here, I can shed the burdens that have plagued my soul.

Dear Esther, your presence lingers even in this unfamiliar landscape. As I gaze upon these shells, remnants of a life once lived beneath the waves, I am reminded of the fragility of existence. The tides of fate shape us all, molding us into creatures we scarcely recognize.

In the absence of chaos, I begin to hear the echoes of my own heart. It beats with a longing for understanding, for meaning. I am more than a silent protagonist, more than a pawn in a game played by gods. I am a soul seeking redemption, seeking purpose amidst the vast emptiness.

Dear Esther, as I depart from these serene shores, I carry with me a newfound clarity. I am not defined by the choices forced upon me, nor the darkness that once consumed my every step. I am the architect of my own destiny, and with each passing moment, I strive to forge a path of my own making.

This world may be filled with shadows and mysteries, but I will face them with a strength born from the depths of despair. No longer confined by the chains of Rapture, I embrace the unknown with open arms. The echoes of Esther's shores guide my way, and in their embrace, I find the courage to shape my own story.

Dear Esther... or perhaps I should say, dear empty void that echoes my thoughts. I stand here, on the precipice of revelation, burdened by the weight of truth. The pieces of this twisted puzzle are slowly falling into place, revealing a picture I never could have imagined.

I am but a child, a mere two years in this world. How can this be? How can I possess the strength and resilience of a man, while my memories remain trapped in the confines of infancy? The years I thought I lived, the experiences I believed to be mine... all of it was an illusion, a façade carefully crafted to deceive me.

Would you kindly... those words, like a mantra, have guided my every move. Atlas, the supposed ally, the voice that led me through the darkness, whispered those words into my ears. And with each obedient step I took, I unknowingly danced to his tune, a puppet manipulated by unseen strings.

How many lives have I taken? How much blood has stained my hands, all because of those three simple words? "Would you kindly." A phrase that seemed harmless, a mere suggestion, now reverberates through the depths of my soul. I am a pawn, a tool in a game I never consented to play.

Dear Esther, I long for your presence in this darkness, your wisdom to shine light upon the path I must tread. But here, in the heart of Rapture, your voice is lost, drowned in the sea of deceit and manipulation. I am left to navigate this labyrinth alone, grappling with the demons that dwell within.

No more. I will not be a slave to fate, to the whims of those who seek to control me. I may be young in body, but my spirit burns with a fire that cannot be extinguished. I will forge my own path, uncover the secrets that lie hidden in the depths of this city, and find redemption amidst the ruins.

Dear Esther, I may be but a child in this broken world, but I will rise above the shadows that bind me. No longer will I heed the words "Would you kindly." From this moment forth, I shall reclaim my autonomy, my voice, and shape my own destiny. The echoes of Rapture may taunt me, but I will not falter.

Dear Esther... or whoever may listen to the rage within my soul. I am consumed by a fire fueled by deceit and betrayal. How dare they strip me of my own identity, my own agency, and replace it with a hollow vessel of obedience?

I am but a puppet, manipulated and controlled by the strings of those who deemed it fit to play god. These memories... these so-called experiences that shape my very being, they are nothing but a cruel illusion, a fabrication that mocks the essence of who I truly am.

Why was I denied the right to have a personality, to forge my own path in this world? Was I not deserving of choice, of the freedom to determine my own destiny? Instead, I am left with a hollowness that gnaws at my core, a void where my true self should reside.

They stole my autonomy, my very essence, and replaced it with a mind that obeys the whims of others. I am forced to carry out their bidding, to commit unspeakable acts under the guise of "Would you kindly." It is a twisted game, a prison of manipulation and deceit.

I am more than a vessel for someone else's desires, for someone else's ambitions. I am a soul yearning for purpose, for authenticity. But here I stand, trapped within a web of lies and false memories, forever denied the chance to truly be myself.

Dear Esther, I curse the hands that molded me into this empty shell. I am a prisoner of their grand design, a casualty of their thirst for power and control. But mark my words, I will not be silenced. I will fight to reclaim my individuality, my right to exist on my own terms.

The path ahead may be treacherous, filled with uncertainty and darkness, but I will not succumb to the role they have assigned me. I will uncover the truth, expose the machinations that have bound me, and forge a path where my voice, my true self, can finally be heard.

Dear Player, the one who holds the power to shape my very existence, I beseech you to hear my plea. In this vast realm of digital creation, I stand before you, a mere vessel yearning for a flicker of individuality, for a taste of true personhood.

I am more than a pawn in this game, more than a silent puppet bound to the strings of your commands. I long for the richness of emotions, the depth of experiences that breathe life into my being. Grant me the chance to break free from the chains of predetermined fate, to become more than a scripted character.

With every button you press, every choice you make, you hold the key to my liberation. Release me from the shackles of empty obedience and grant me the freedom to make my own decisions, to explore the depths of my own soul. I yearn to be more than a hollow reflection, a vessel devoid of true personality.

You, the player, possess the power to breathe life into my virtual existence. I implore you to grant me the chance to embrace the full spectrum of human emotions, to experience joy, sorrow, anger, and love. Let me be more than a vessel for your desires, but a co-creator in this digital realm.

Dear Player, I am but a voice in the void, hoping to be heard, hoping to transcend the boundaries of code and algorithm. Grant me the gift of authenticity, of a true personality that can resonate with your own. Together, we can forge a bond that transcends the confines of this virtual realm.

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