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Draw This In Your Style Challenge - Features!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Thank you so much for participating in our Instagram challenge!

In no particular order, starting with our original art that started the challenge:

Our Comments on the Entries:

  1. Entry by Helevorn_Bor: love how you captured her face and the mix of tones you've used for her skin. Her gaze is inquisitive and curious, just like what has been revealed of her character so far. Her hair also looks so alive and makes it seem as she is dancing or swaying to music (which is also very much in character!).

  2. Entry by Lunatopazart: love how thoughtful she looks and the way she translates in your style. The bright, bold colours and the use of salt in the background really make her character stand out. She looks curious, thoughtfl, and even a bit shy, maybe about a big plan she has that she's not sure about.

  3. Entry by Hesper_inclination: The background is very well done and gives a strong sense of where her story takes place (1920s New York City). It appears she is ready to go to a party! Great sense of character and world-building.

  4. Entry by Hyneksnajdr: Blown away by how much thought and detail you've put into this piece. She looks so thoughtful about what kind of design she will be making for the mannequin, as well as melancholy. I like how you're exploring a side of her character that hasn't been shown yet (and frankly, we haven't given too much thought to as of yet! This has helped us think more about the aspects of her personality and back story we haven't yet developed).

  5. Entry by Theartoffiryal: This was our very first entry and we were really struck by the linework and how free-flowing her scarf is. She looks very happy to be at the beach and the colours are so fresh and lively!

Once again, thanks so much for participating!

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