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EP 135: Reconceptualizing Success (2): How To Get Published! With C E Hoffman

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

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Read the transcript of Part One here.


This is the second episode about reconceptualizing success and how it's like to get published.

Episode 1, which focuses more on reconceptualizing success, can be found here:

In this episode, @tete.depunk and I interview C E Hoffman, the author of "Sluts and Whores." “Sluts and Whores” is C’s debut collection of short stories and poems that challenge negative stereotypes of sex workers via a dark magical landscape. It was published by Thurston Howl Publications in 2021. This powerfully-written collection is nearing its one-year anniversary so we’re going to discuss what it means to be successful.

C covers how they’ve come to define success since publishing their work, while me and Tete touch on how Tapas has helped us define success.

We also explore how it's like to get published and what first-time authors can do to get published.

Check out C's website here:

Buy "Sluts and Whores" through Amazon and other online stores!

On Amazon.

Barnes and Noble.

The book is also available at other stores! Just Google "Sluts and Whores C E Hoffman" and you should be able to see other places you can buy the book.


Note: I've highlighted the main points of the interview in red.

Fortunus Games:

Hi everyone. Today, we are continuing off from where we left off last time with C E Hoffman, the author of “Sluts and Whores.” “Sluts and Whores” is C's debut collection of short stories and poems that challenge negative stereotypes of sex workers via a dark magical landscape.

The link to buy the book is in the description. This powerfully written collection is nearing its one year anniversary, so we've been discussing the ups and downs of publishing as well as what it means to be “successful” as a writer.

Part one of our discussion came out last week and there's a link to it in the description.


Yes, so picking up where we left off - what would be the option best option for a first-time writer seeking publication? Should they secure an agent or should they try to go about themselves by themselves alone? C E Hoffman:

Yeah, this is a great question and I think it deserves iteration from what we started to touch on last week, that it really depends where you're at in your career and what you're looking for and both of those are equally important.

You know, if you're really sitting there and you're like, I just want professional, traditional all the way, yeah, then an agent is the best route for you, but then, that means it will require a more rigorous process.

But if you're down for that, then do it. I think the most important thing to do is follow your star. Each person's star needs a different place to rest in the sky and as long as you're following it, you'll be imbued with all the tools necessary. But I can definitely get into some of those tools for suggestions.