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EP 158.5: Tarot Analysis: Seven of Cups | Minor Arcana | Dreams, Illusions, and Wishful Thinking


This week's card from the Fortunus Games tarot deck is the Seven of Cups featuring Benjamin Cox from my graphic novel, “Sam in New York”!

As a Dispensationalist non-denominational Protestant Christian, Ben is deeply interested in the Book of Revelation. He wonders about the end of days and thinks about the symbolism (as well as the literalism, since Dispensationalists tend towards literal interpretations of the Bible) in the Book of Revelation quite a lot, so I decided to turn the seven cups in this card into the seven bowls of God's wrath in the Book of Revelation.

The Seven of Cups represents dreams and the Book of Revelation was said to have been revealed to John through a dream. Also, Ben dreams a lot about Biblical prophecies, since he spends a lot of time studying them.

This card also represents illusions and wishful thinking, which Ben struggles a lot with. He hopes that he will be rewarded for his participation in church life, but he doubts his own faith. As such, he often views his actions as wishful thinking, since there’s a large chance that all of the stuff he claims to believe in - heaven, the Rapture, Judgment Day, etc. - don’t actually exist.

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