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EP 164.5: Tarot Analysis: Queen of Cups | Minor Arcana | Intuition, Generosity, and Kindness

This week's card from the Fortunus Games tarot deck is the Queen of Cups featuring Malka Spitzer from my graphic novel, “The Book of Joel”! We're nearing the end of the Suit of Cups!

This was the first card I ever did for the Fortunus Games tarot deck. I did it all the way back in March 2021, before I had solid plans for actually finishing the tarot series. As of now, I only have a few Suit of Swords cards remaining before moving on to the last Minor Arcana Suit, the Suit of Wands.

Malka is the perfect Queen of Cups because she’s intuitive, kind, generous, and loving. She also has a tendency toward overthinking and being overly absorbed in her thoughts. We will see this in a couple of short stories I wrote from her perspective.

I didn’t really follow the Rider-Waite imagery here. Instead, I decided to follow a more Queen of Pentacles-esque feel, with a winery behind her to symbolize the fullness of life.

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