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EP 174.5: Tarot Analysis: Eight of Pentacles | Minor Arcana | Crafting and Mastery

This week's tarot card from the Fortunus Games tarot deck is Eight of Pentacles. It features Pinchas Farber, Joel's father as seen in my graphic novels, "Sam in New York" and "The Book of Joel."

This card stands for crafting, skill development, and mastery. That’s why it shows Pinchas laboring over eight pentacles. He's currently working on the one in front of him. Behind him is a small town. Because he's so far away from the town and he's thoroughly engrossed in his work, we can see that he's dedicated to his craft.

In my works, Pinchas doesn't make pentacles, of course. But he is a crafter he creates hats. He actually comes from a long line of hatmakers and was a professional hatmaker in Lemberg (Lviv) before he went to the United States.

He still makes hats occasionally, but he spends most of his time as a peddler of various trinkets and items.

Pinchas always enjoyed making hats and is a bit frustrated that he doesn't really have the chance to focus on hat-making anymore. As he gets older and becomes more disillusioned with many things in life, he makes fewer and fewer hats...

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