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Exhibition of My Sketches at the Multicultural Centre in Stony Plain, Alberta!

Updated: May 4, 2022

Starting today (March 13, 2022) and ending May 25, 2022, two of my sketches, “The Modern Tantalus” and “Joel Farber,” will be displayed at the Multicultural Centre's exhibition on sketchbooks, “Project Sketchbook”!

You can see the finger emoji pointing at my sketch of “The Modern Tantalus” here.

There will be an online as well as on-site exhibit, so for those of you who are located close to the Multicultural Centre in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada, feel free to check it out!

Follow @multicentreab on Instagram for more information!

Thanks, @multicentreab and @alexismariejoy, for selecting me to be part of this wonderful exhibition!

Here's what the sketches themselves look like:

The Modern Tantalus

Finished version is here.

Joel Farber

Finished version is here.

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