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"Feingold's" Model (Videos and Pictures)

Updated: May 5, 2022

I decided to make "Feingold's" deli from my graphic novel, "Sam in New York," using the "Cake Love" model I found on AliExpress.

It was a really fun experience, especially since my first attempt at making a miniature, "Joel's Book Room" (based on Robotime's "Sam's Study"), had involved changing very little. I mostly had just moved the furniture around, and changed some of the book covers and artworks.

Here, however, I've made a lot of changes. I redid all of the exterior textures (using many of the textures from the 3D model version of "Feingold's") and I also replaced all of the food inside the model. I made all of the sausages from scratch as well as some of the other props (like the bagel rack). The bagels and the sandwiches were miniatures I bought from AliExpress.

Process Videos:

More Videos:


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