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Frankie Amato - Character Profile

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Francesco "Frankie" Amato was born to Sicilian immigrant parents who own a grocery and cafe.

His parents were originally from a small town 2 hours away from Palermo, Sicily.

Frankie and Sam first met when they were 11 years old. Frankie is one of Sam’s best friends throughout the 1910s and 1920s and in the “Frankie” route of the visual novel, he can be Sam’s love interest if you choose to pursue him.

Frankie is the kind of person who keeps a lot of things to himself, since he does not want to be a burden to others.

In the “Frankie” route of the visual and graphic novels, he eventually opens up to Sam once they grow closer. As it turns out, Frankie has long had a soft spot for Sam, considering him one of the kindest people he’s ever met (and the world Frankie’s accustomed to is indeed a cruel one..).


Frankie's profiles in "Sam in New York" versus "The Book of Joel."

In contrast to the talkative, idealistic, naïve, energetic, and mischievous Sam, Frankie is pragmatic, serious, and street-smart. He plans to take over his father's restaurant, Amato's, once his father retires.

He has never been much of a student and if it wasn't for Sam helping him out in Years 11 and 12, he wouldn't even have gotten his high school diploma.

Frankie is affable, diplomatic, and a good listener, largely due to being part of a large family and also having worked at the family restaurant since childhood. Nevertheless, Frankie can be somewhat introverted at times - talking to too many people at once for too long can wear him out (in contrast to Sam, who just gets more and more energized the more he talks to people).

Frankie is also good at understanding and expressing his own emotions, in contrast to Joel (who has the most difficulty out of Frankie, Joel, and Sam).

Despite always hanging around Joel (since Joel is one of Sam's best friends, and Frankie is Sam's best friend), he doesn't gel with him that well. If it weren't for Sam, there is a high chance that Joel and Frankie would not even be friends.


Frankie is also somewhat of a "perv" according to some people - he has strong sexual desires and is often seen frequenting the infamous adult bookstore Ardalion Books and Gifts. In fact, he frequents that particular bookstore so often that he and Ardalion have become close friends!

Frankie is bisexual. One of his favorite subjects to "perv" over is none other than Sam. As explored in the Patreon-exclusive stories below, Frankie has long had a crush on Sam. Not only does he consider Sam one of the most admirable people in his life, but he also considers him one of the most desirable men he's ever met.

Despite his passion for Sam, he wonders if Sam is even capable of seeing him as anything more than his best friend, since he assumes (and it appears so) that Sam is completely heterosexual.

Birthday: July 30, 1901

Learn more about Frankie in the following stories, some of which are Patreon-exclusive:


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