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Happy Holidays! Thank you so much for your support this year!

As written and posted on our Instagram (fortunusgames):

Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks so much for the awesome support you’ve given me and Sam this year!

I would’ve never gotten so far in “Sam in New York” if it weren’t for you guys! Thank you!

Get ready for the 30-page Winter Holiday Special coming out on the 24th and for the Webtoon Canvas collab on the 25th! Both of them will be released at 2 pm EST on @webtooncanvas, @tapas_app and @theninthoff! You know who you are - many of your characters will show up in both of these releases!

Thank you so much for all of your support on this podcast - without your support, we would’ve never gotten so far! We are nearly at 50 episodes and we only started this August!

Joel is particularly surprised, since his episode (Ep 43, the one with me and Tete in December) was the most popular by far. As of today, there’ve been over 30 listens on that episode alone!

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Happy Holidays from our Sims 4 account as well!

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