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Updated: Sep 13

A grandfatherly figure to Sam, Harvey is one of the mainstays of Sam's childhood growing up on the Lower East Side.

One of the most well-known delis on the Lower East Side, Feingold's has been serving the Lower East Side's Jewish community (and beyond!) since the 1890s.

Herschel "Harvey" Feingold immigrated from Stanislawow in South-eastern Poland (Galicia) in 1892 in his early 30s. A Galitzianer (Galician Jew), he had previously worked as a tailor before immigrating with his family to the States.

As a Galitzianer, he prides himself on his sweet gefilte fish. Litvak (Lithuanian Jewish) chefs, on the other hand, would've made their gefilte fish savoury. Sam, being from a Ukrainian Jewish background, is more accustomed to the sweet gefilte fish, due to also being a "southeasterner" rather than a "northerner" (which Litvaks were considered).

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