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Joel and Sam Figure DSLR Photography

DSLR photos of my Joel and Sam figurines. It's amazing how the DSLR can make things more dramatic and more focused.

Behind Joel and Sam is a Robotime miniature model that I assembled last year, "Carl's Fruit Shop." I changed the sign to "Levanda's Groceries" so it's a better fit for my graphic novels (since Joel works as an accountant for "Levanda's Groceries.").

How did I create these figures? Two years ago, in the summer of 2021, I created them in Hero Forge, a browser software that lets you make 3D models of characters in D&D style.

I bought the digital download, made them a lot bigger (since the original models were only a few centimeters tall) until they're around 15 centimeters, and ordered them to be printed using high-quality materials via Hubs!

Once the figures cames, I painted them. Check out the videos here:

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