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Joel by Nekohime

Check out Nekohime's awesome rendition of Joel! I love his pose, his hair, and the blush on his cheeks! Absolutely adorable!

Nekohime (Instagram: @nekohimek) is a talented artist and the creator of the fantasy comic, "Across Your Shattered Sky." Read it on Tapas and Webtoon!

"Across the Shattered Sky" is a great, character-driven drama that explores themes like PTSD, depression, memories, paganism, and more.

Here's the summary:

“I forgot how it all happened truthfully. I bet that place we made with our destructive love is really pretty."

Suffering from an oddly selective amnesia, lonely youth Kyo believes to have finally reunited with his beloved friend Sora. The dark secrets between friends as they struggle through life awaken Kyo to demons both within his heart and in his world. Will the beings in all of their dreams haunt them or heal them of their traumas?

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