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Katya Luneva - Character Profile

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Katya (full name Yekaterina Timofeevna Luneva) is one of Sam's potential love interests.

Katya herself is an immigrant - she immigrated from Tver, Russia, at the age of 10 with her family (her parents and her younger sister, Liza). This means that, unlike Sam, she has memories of her growing up in another country. Sam, in contrast, only knows what his parents told him about Odessa.

Katya works at a sweatshop textile factory, where she uses her talent for fixing machines to curry favour with the foremen there. However, she knows that she is ultimately dispensable and fears the day she will be fired, since she is just another unskilled worker in a sea of many. After her father died when she was 13, she and the rest of her family have had to break their backs working at these sweatshops just to make ends meet. Sometimes, she wonders if it's even worth it. She can see no end to this monotonous way of living.

Inside Sam's car

A morose, tired young woman, Katya can be quite pessimistic at times, although she wants to learn to love life again. She is actually very tender-hearted and hopes for the day she can look forward to having new experiences.

Birthday: April 21, 1901

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Find out more about Katya in this video here, where I talk about her with Tete.Depunk!

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