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Malka Spitzer - Character Profile

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Malka Spitzer is the deuteragonist of "The Book of Joel" and a minor character in "Sam in New York."

Cheerful (at least on the surface) and quick-witted, Malka, nicknamed Molly by some, is quite street smart despite what others may think of her (since some assume she is naïve due to how overly optimistic she seems on the surface).

She is one of Lina and Katya's friends. Out of Lina and Katya, Malka is definitely closer to Katya, being from a similar social class. She is currently a waitress, but hopes she can be in a film that Sam's directing. Fascinated by psychology and the way people think, she sees acting as another way of understanding different people's motivations and ideas. Malka has a conflicting family life (see Malka and her family's profile here on Tapas, with excellent comments by you guys, the viewers!).