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New Book: Connection - A Wordless Picture Book

Guys, another book of mine is now on Amazon KDP Print on Demand and Google Play!

Last year, I joined the @silentbookcontest. I didn't win anything, but I finished this gorgeous wordless picture book about a young boy discovering the joys of friendship. Yes, the boy is implied to be my character, Joel Farber, the main character of my @tapascommunity graphic novel, "The Book of Joel," which you can read for free here.

The artwork for this book was a mix of traditional and digital media. I did some of the lineart in a @paperblanks notebook and coloured them traditionally with watercolour. I then made digital edits on Photoshop. The more detailed pieces in full colour were painted on watercolour paper from and digitally edited on Photoshop.

You can use the links here to buy the book:

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