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Paper Art of Joel and Malka From My Epic Poem Project!

Tete has done a wonderful paper art piece of Joel (black hair) and Malka (red hair) from my new epic poem project, "The Shadow and the Maiden."

You can read the first part of it here. For the other parts, follow me on Poetizer. I'll be writing more of it every day this month.

I'll let Tete explain her artwork here (taken from her Instagram post):

Recently inspired by an epic poem that my friend. @fortunusgames is creating on @poetizer_official , I was inspired inspired to create a paper craft art piece, of Joel and Malka.
Their reimagining including are inspired by my friend'spoem, but they are also inspired by Lermontov's "The Demon".
Malka wants to love Joel, symbolized by her outstretched hand, holding the world above him, as a symbol of all she wishes to give him.
Joel is grasping her hand finally now accepting her love, and both are shedding tears of joy at their triumph, and regret over lost time.
Please check out @fortunusgames series, The Book of Joel, on Tapas!
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