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"The Projection Room of Malka Spitzer" Game Update - Playtesting Phase to Extend

I know the trailer said that the game will be out on Itch and Steam in August, and it will be - it's already on Steam and Itch as a playtest. (Mac version will come soon, once the current version has been thoroughly tested).

I originally thought that the game will be finalized by the end of August, but that's not possible due to:

1) the loading and saving issue. Because I've removed the ability to save, playtesters have to find time to sit down and play through the whole game in around 40-70 minutes.

2) me and my playtesters' schedules. It's best to wait until everyone has played through the whole game and noted areas of improvement before the final release.

Things to consider/edit during playtesting:

1) Whether the beginning monologue needs to be rewritten.

Right now, it seems to be too "spoilerish." Malka should be less aware that she's dreaming.

2) Whether the instructions to interact and move around are clear enough.

As of the most recent update, I have included clear instructions at the beginning of the game about how to move (WASD), how to access the menu (Escape), and how to interact with objects (Enter).

3) Whether the enemies are too tough.

I've toned down the enemies since removing the ability to save, but I still need feedback about whether they're easy enough to beat without causing too much frustration/too many replays.


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