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"The Projection Room of Malka Spitzer" RPG Paper Maker Game Trailer
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This atmospheric psychological horror game follows Malka Spitzer, an artistic young woman from 1920s New York City who struggles with maladaptive daydreaming, as she confronts the demons of her mind. Trapped in a never-ending cycle of nightmares, Malka must descend through the levels of a mysterious building, facing her fears and uncovering the truth about her complexes. With the guidance of Joel, her charismatic childhood friend, Malka must navigate a mental landscape filled with dark secrets, twisted illusions, and terrifying monsters. Will she find a way to break free from the shackles of her own mind or be consumed by the darkness her mind has conjured?

Note: This game is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, events, and locations is purely coincidental.





  • Made the Malka sprite using a free template by Cid331/Digital Container, which you can download by checking out his response to a question about bases in this video:

  • The art on the walls of the speakeasy is done by me. They are paintings for my graphic novel project, Blue Star.

  • The art on the walls of the first art gallery was created in Midjourney. I wrote the prompts.

  • The art on the walls of the second art gallery was created by me from scratch.

  • Some sprites and textures in this game, such as the wooden floors, have been created with photographs from These photographs may not be redistributed by default; please visit for more information.

  • Some sprites in the game, such as the Greek statues and the theatre curtain, were created with the help of Midjourney.

  • The animal sprites in the museum were created in Midjourney.


User Interface:



  • The background noises (the elevator creaking and dinging) in the first test of the elevator scene are from Pixabay.

  • The elevator opening noise in the second test of the elevator scene is a royalty-free use (for commercial and editorial use) from Videvo.

  • All of the other sounds in the rest of the preview videos are from Pixabay.



  • My friend and 1920s setting consultant, Tete DePunk, wrote the dialogue for the non-playable characters Tamara, Ben Cox, Isaac Spitzer, Chana Spitzer, and Alter Spitzer. She also wrote some of Joel's dialogue. 

    • Every character in this game is by me except for Tamara, who is Tete DePunk's character from her play, "The Cave."

  • Tete DePunk also edited the following characters' dialogue for 1920s authenticity: Frankie Amato, Ghost Isaac, Sam Abramov, and Lina Williams.

  • I wrote the rest of the dialogue.


Other Assets:

  • The menu in the speakeasy and Isaac's arrest warrant were made in Canva with the help of Tete DePunk.



  • I did the screen shaking by using the following values: Offset: 3 pixel(s), Shakes number: 2

  • Font: Roboto

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