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"Blue Star" Remastered Edition - Notes on Development

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

“Blue Star” tells the story of Kuzma Ardalionovich Mayakov, a dreamy and thoughtful young Soviet writer grappling with the implications of his family's legacy and his brother's death.

Haunted by visions of his brother's untimely demise on a blood-soaked poppy field during the Russian Civil War, Kuzma embarks on a quest to understand his father's past, his brother's motivations for joining the war, and his own love for storytelling.

As of September 2023, the first chapter of "Blue Star" is now on Tapas!

Development Notes:

I'm going to be sharing more of the Blue Star remastered version in this regularly-updated blog post! Recently, I've remastered the cover and started writing the dialogue and descriptions for some of the first pages.

The format of the new Blue Star will be a mix of third-person prose and dialogue. It will alternate between the two. So we'll get some descriptions of who the Mayakovs are at the beginning, what Kuzma's job is, and then we see a few comic pages with dialogue.

This is a new format that requires less work. I don't have to draw every scene that happens (unlike Sam in New York and The Book of Joel), but I also don't have to write everything. Also, I get to reuse a lot of the old comic pages I did back in 2016 without having to add a lot of things.

Flipthrough of my "Blue Star" Sketchbook:

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