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EP 111.5: Tarot Analysis: The World | End of 2021 | Fortunus Games Tarot

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Thank you so much for supporting my work this year! Here’s a breakdown of the last card of the Major Arcana, The World. I explain the symbolism behind it and why I chose Sam and Lina for my version of it. Sam and Lina are characters from my @tapascommunity #graphicnovels, “Finding Sam” and “Sam in New York.”

Read “Finding Sam” for more information about them as a couple, since Lina won’t appear in “Sam in New York” until 2023 or 2024. We’re still looking at Sam’s childhood and he only meets her when he’s in university, so… I’ll be making more videos like this in 2022 dissecting my tarot cards!


Hi, everyone. Today, it's the last day of 2021. As such, we're gonna end the year by looking at the last card of my - that's Fortunus Games’ tarot deck - which is The World.

My version of The World features my characters Sam and Lina from my Tapas graphic novels, “Finding Sam” and “Sam in New York.”

Sam is the one on the left in the pink suit and Lina is the one on the right in the green sparkly dress. Both Sam and Lina in their series want to become famous.

Sam wants to become a famous actor and filmmaker, while Lina wants to be a famous designer. Both of them are going against what their parents want for them as well what society expects from them, and they are willing to do anything to achieve these goals.

They are surrounded by a circular wreath that symbolizes completion. They are also surrounded by four figures around the wreath a human, an eagle, a buffalo, and a lion. These figures are the same that you can see on the Wheel of Fortune card and these actually speak to the cyclical nature of life and the progression through the cycles of life.

They also represent four figures of the zodiac: Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio. These are the four fixed signs of the zodiac and they're also symbolic of four elements and also the four suits of tarot, the four compass points, and the four seasons as well as the first four corners of the universe. According to, these four figures are going to be guiding you throughout your journey as you progress from one phase to the next.

There's another reason I chose both Sam and Lina for this card instead of just one of them.

In the traditional portrayal of the figure in The World, the person in the card is both male and female, above and below. They are suspended between the heavens and the earth and they are completeness. Sam and Lina do become a couple later down the line and I think they do have a kind of completeness in their life and they seek a kind of completeness in their journey to become who they want to be.

As the last card of the Major Arcana, The World is followed by The Fool, which is the first card of the Major Arcana. The Fool symbolizes the beginning of journeys, while the world symbolizes the end of the journey. They are both cyclical because once The World ends, The Fool begins anew.

Thank you so much for joining me on my artistic journey and on my works and on my podcast. Thank you so much, everyone!

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