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Tarot Analysis: Seven of Swords | Minor Arcana | Deception and Betrayal

The Seven of Swords features Isaac Spitzer, Malka and Alter's father and Chana's husband. They are all characters from my Tapas graphic novel, “The Book of Joel.”

This card represents deception, betrayal, acting strategically, and getting away with something.

Volatile, escapist, and explosive, Isaac is responsible for gambling away his family's money after they lose their business, Spitzer's Shirts. As he gets more and more addicted to gambling, he even steals Malka and Chana's money so he can "get more money" through gambling.

Malka and Chana see this as betrayal, especially since he was also seeing another woman at the time. From his perspective, however, he sees himself as acting strategically, since he thought he could get more money to support the family (he was convinced he had good luck) and that his cheating was justified (he and Chana hadn't been getting along for many years).

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