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EP 145.75: Tarot Analysis: Temperance | Major Arcana | Moderation, Purpose, and Balance

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Watch YouTube short here.


Hi everyone! This week, we’ll look at Temperance in my tarot deck, the Fortunus Games tarot deck.

This tarot card features Pinchas Farber from my Tapas graphic novel, “The Book of Joel.”

This card symbolizes balance, moderation, and purpose, which Pinchas believes himself to have (especially in contrast to his fiery wife, Rokhl/Rachel). Growing up, Joel believes that Pinchas is a great representation of these qualities, but as he gets older, he starts seeing Pinchas as being too passive and depressed for his own good. He doesn't like how he often brushes aside things that make him uncomfortable and prefers status quo.

Perhaps this is why Joel takes it upon himself to become an outspoken debater in high school.

Pinchas is pouring water between two cups, symbolizing the alchemy and flow of life. There’s also a hovering light above the mountains that symbolizes the importance of staying true to oneself throughout the journey of life.

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