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EP 147.5: Tarot Analysis: The Tower | Major Arcana | Changes and Realization


Hi everyone! This week, we’ll look at the Tower in my tarot deck, the Fortunus Games tarot deck.

The Tower features Tom Melbourne from my graphic novel, Sam in New York, falling from a lighthouse. On one side of the card, we see New York City (where he's moved to pursue law school), and on the other side, we see where he grew up in rural Alaska.

In my graphic novel, "Sam in New York," Tom goes through many changes after moving to New York City, discovering more about himself, humanity, and some rather unpleasant truths about both as he goes through law school.

The lightning represents the sudden surge of energy that Tom gets as he has these revelations. The little pieces at the top are tongues of fire in the shape of the Hebrew letter yod, symbolizing the presence of the Divine even during these tough times. The tower itself looks solid, but since it only takes one strike of lightning to bring it down, it might actually not be that strong. This suggests that Tom is someone whose ideals are built on shaky foundations, on assumptions rather than lived experience. It remains to be seen if he can establish a stronger foundation on his own as a young adult.

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