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EP 148.5: Tarot Analysis: The Star | Major Arcana | Inner Strength and Emotional Intelligence

Watch the YouTube short.


Hi everyone! This week, we’ll look at the Star in my tarot deck, the Fortunus Games tarot deck.

The Star features Raisa Abramova from my graphic novel, Sam in New York, who is the protagonist Sam’s mother.

She's pouring water onto the land and into the pool. The container she's using to pour water onto the land indicates nourishment, which Raisa provides for her family through her emotional intelligence.

On the other hand, the other container (that's pouring water into the pool) and her foot in the pool indicates that she has a lot of inner strength. In "Sam in New York," we see how her inner strength and emotional intelligence have supported she and her husband's business, Abramov Printing House, even in the toughest of times.

The large star and the seven smaller stars (which represent the seven chakras) represent the will to live and the strength to carry on with her life.

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