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EP 150.5: Tarot Analysis: The Sun | Major Arcana | Success and Good Fortune


Hi everyone! This week, we’ll look at the Sun in my tarot deck, the Fortunus Games tarot deck.

The Sun features Lina Williams from my graphic novel, Sam in New York.

She's a good fit for this card since The Sun portends good fortune, happiness, success, and joy.

And this is what she sets out to accomplish in Sam in New York as well as in Finding Sam. In all timelines, she wants to be a designer and create her own path, rather than "just" a rich girl looking for a good marriage match. She wants to define herself and not let her family, family status, and others around her define her.

Guess who is behind her, playing the Sun...! It's Sam, of course. He plays a large role in her story (as does she in his), which we got a glimpse of in Finding Sam.

The white horse is a sign of strength and purity. In most portrayals of this card, the rider of the horse is a young child, who represents innocence and the being connected with your inner spirit.

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