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EP 155.5: Tarot Analysis: Four of Cups | Minor Arcana | Apathy and Missed Opportunities


This week's card from the Fortunus Games tarot deck is the Four of Cups featuring Benjamin Cox from my graphic novel, “Sam in New York”!

I chose the Four of Cups to represent Ben because he is someone who struggles with facing reality. He has thrown himself deep into religion and academic study to escape the problems plaguing his life - his loveless marriage, lack of real friends, and his inability to heal from the scars of his abusive childhood. For all of his intelligence and wit (and maybe because of these traits), Ben is unable to escape the constraints that he has erected for himself.

In relationships, the Four of Cups represents being bored with your love life and having a lack of excitement in your relationship. This is perfect for Ben since he is bored in his marriage and always has been. However, he thinks that most marriages are like this so he doesn’t really have any bitterness about this.

In terms of career, the Four of Cups represents being bored with your job and being unhappy about the lack of progress in your career. Ben doesn’t really have this since he enjoys being the Dean of the Faculty of Law of Ambrose College, but he is stagnant since he’s not really looking to expand.

As for the imagery of this card, you can see Ben’s apathy by the look on his face and how he’s not looking at the outstretched hand coming from the cloud. He also doesn’t care about the three cups at his feet, which represents opportunities he has to fix the problems in his life.

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