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EP 160.5: Tarot Analysis: Nine of Cups | Minor Arcana | Happiness Enjoyed Alone

Updated: Mar 30, 2023


This week's card from the Fortunus Games tarot deck is the Nine of Cups featuring Joel Farber from my graphic novel, “The Book of Joel”!

The Nine of Cups is associated with happiness and satisfaction. In a love reading, the Nine of Cups indicates that the relationship is going well. It also indicates the enjoyment of sensual pleasures such as eating delicious meals and making love.

In my Nine of Cups, Joel sits on a bench in front of a curved structure draped in blue cloth. He looks happy and satisfied as he thinks about his life and the way it's developing. Without a doubt, he's thinking about Malka and the life he wants to build with her.

The Nine of Cups is related to The Hermit, the ninth card of the Major Arcana. Both cards feature a solitary figure, but the nine of Cups is much more positive. It suggests emotional happiness which can be enjoyed alone. In this case, Joel has finally found peace of mind and he is no longer as tormented by his inner demons of self-denial and self-doubt.

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