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EP 171.5: Tarot Analysis: Four of Pentacles | Minor Arcana | Control and Security

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

This week's card from the Fortunus Games tarot deck is the Four of Pentacles featuring Lina Williams from my graphic novel, “Sam in New York” and “Finding Sam”!

The Four of Pentacles shows Lina sitting on a rock outside of a bustling metropolis (New York City). Her arms are wrapped tightly around a coin. Two more coins are beneath her feet, while another one is above her. She doesn't look very comfortable.

This suggests that Lina isn't comfortable with what her privileged background represents. Because she's afraid that people will take advantage of the fact that she comes from "old money" (i.e., try to scam her, marry her for money, or get on her good side so she can pull strings for them) and can't see beneath her upbeat, confident exterior, she sometimes stops herself from connecting intimately with others.

Ultimately, the fact that she comes from a wealthy, well-connected family is a double-sided sword for her. Her background gives her many opportunities that she tries to take advantage of, but because of societal and familial expectations, she feels held back. She wishes she can be invisible at times, but she can't. The crowd is always watching her.

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