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EP 175.5: Tarot Analysis: Nine of Pentacles | Minor Arcana | Financial Independence and Security

This week's tarot card from the Fortunus Games tarot deck is Nine of Pentacles. It features Lina Williams from my graphic novels, "Sam in New York" and "Finding Sam."

The Nine of Pentacles shows Lina standing in a beautiful vineyard. Like the woman on Nine of Pentacles, she's dressed in a beautiful robe that symbolizes her high station in life - namely, the fact that she's the daughter of an old money family.

The grapes behind her symbolize her healthy relationship with money, that she can enjoy what she's worked hard to achieve without going overboard. A hooded falcon sits on her left hand - it appears calm and maybe even affectionate, symbolizing Lina's spiritual and intellectual self-control.

As we saw in my first-ever graphic novel from back in 2020, "Finding Sam," Lina is (usually, anyways) more mature and level-headed than Sam. Although Sam's pretty good at staying positive and motivating himself, external factors can push him into a slump.

Lina may also be a little more ruthless than Sam - but that may be because she has a big cushion to fall back upon, since she has a lot more connections and wealth than he does. At the same time, she's much more sensitive about her image than Sam because of her connections and wealth. A lot of people know her, so she has to keep up an image...

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