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Maneskin - “Fear of the Dark” / La Paura Del Buio - Lyrics Analysis with Dr. Metalhead/Helevorn!


Helevorn: Hi everyone. Today, I’m joined by Fortunus, and we are going to discuss another song by the Italian rock band, Maneskin, which I’ve previously analyzed on my channel. We’re going to listen and react to their song, and in particular their lyrics for La paura del buio, which translates to “Fear of the Dark.”

For those of you who haven't yet watched my collaborative videos where I have Fortunus as a guest, Fortunus is a graphic novelist and podcaster who has two published graphic novels, “Finding Sam” and “The Book of Joel,” which I have behind me.

Maneskin has many songs, especially on their album Teatro d'ira, about following one's artistic vision against all odds – against pressures from the music industry, such as the mainstream, against the judgments of others, against self-doubt which inevitably burdens us all.

These songs although united by a similar theme are very different in sound; some are more calm and reflective, like Vent'anni, others are full of anger like In nome del padre. La paura del buio is, I think somewhere in the middle.