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1. What did you think about the song overall when you first heard it? Was it what you expected to hear? Does it feel like a typical Maneskin song?

Helevorn: Honestly? I’m truly disappointed, and I’m not going to hold back. I gave them a pass for Supermodel, but I’m not going to do this now. I’ll explain exactly what I feel about it. It’s pop. it’s simplistic. It doesn’t stand out.

2. Let’s analyze this in more detail, starting with the lyrics.

2.a. What’s the song about?

Fortunus: And from what I can see, it seems like their song is about Damiano's breakup and how he feels about his ex.

2.b. How do the lyrics compare to the other songs we've analyzed before, especially the ones in Italian?

Fortunus: I feel like the lyrics are more shallow and more generic. This song is just about a breakup and the negative emotions Damiano experiences in light of it. In songs like Coraline and Torna a casa, it’s not just about love. At first glance, it seems to be about love, but there are many other themes, such as mental health, trauma, religion, and violence. There’s also a lot of literary references.

Honestly, this feels like a typical popular culture song with some gothic aesthetics in the video. If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have thought this was Maneskin! This really lacks the emotional and literary depth of their Italian songs, especially the ones me and Dr. Metalhead have analyzed on this channel.

Helevorn: In my previous videos, I compared the lyrics of songs like Torna a casa and Coraline to some of the best metal performances I heard (I even compared Damiano with Dani Filth!), and I’m not taking it back. Damiano has great potential as a writer. But he just didn’t nearly give his best here.

Let’s think about some of their best songs so far: Coraline, Torna a casa, Le parole lontane, La paura del buio, Vent’anni. Just like the best rock/metal lyrics out there, these songs hit us with powerful things, psychological realism, vivid images, emotional depth, they gave us something to think about.

One thing that separates rock/metal music (or other genres that aren’t supposed to cater to everyone) from mainstream music is that it doesn’t shy away from stuff that’s more difficult to digest. I’m talking here about heavy themes (mental health, trauma, death, war, violence, religion - especially criticism thereof, and often an inspiration from literature, folklore and myth), and a poetic form, lyrics that aren’t immediately comprehensible to the lazy and uneducated reader (having lyrics that tell a story, a great amount of lyrics and not just a couple of sentences repeated on and on, and also the use of literary devices, like metaphors, similes, epithets, and so on).

Previous Maneskin songs had all that.

Example: Let’s compare a line where the speaker talks about his ex-girlfriend and remembers the good times they shared.

The Loneliest:

And I just keep on thinking how you made me feel better

And all the crazy little things that we did together

Torna a casa:

She pulled me up from the ground covered with thorns

With a thousand snakes' bites, motionless through the coils.

Example: Now the speaker talks about he doesn’t want to go on without his lover.

The Loneliest:

Cause I don't even care about the time I've got left here

The only thing I know now is that I wanna spend it

With you, with you nobody else here

Le parole lontane:

Now, take me hom