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Tarot Analysis: Three of Swords | Minor Arcana | Heartbreak and Pain

This week's tarot card from my Fortunus Games tarot deck is Three of Swords, featuring teenage Joel Farber, although you can’t really tell since I didn’t show him here. But I had him in mind when drawing this. Joel Farber is the protagonist of my graphic novel, “The Book of Joel."

This card shows a heart pierced by three swords, symbolizing the pain inflicted by actions and words on teenage Joel Farber.

Joel comes home every day to a loveless home. His parents were distant at best and critical at worst. What hurts him the most in particular is how he admired his father as a child, but now, he has nothing to say to him. He wonders if he really had a close relationship with anyone in his family.

At school, Joel has few friends, although he has more friends than he did in elementary school. Since becoming more outspoken, fiery, and argumentative, he has attracted the attention of various classmates, including Sam and Frankie, who become his best friends (he never had "best friends" before, so this was a pleasant surprise). He also develops a closer friendship with his childhood friend, Malka, who becomes increasingly intrigued by his new persona.

In short, this card stands for hurt, sorrow, heartbreak, and pain. In reverse, it stands for forgiveness and optimism. Hopefully, Joel can move on from his wounds and loneliness and realize that he doesn't need to hide behind a tough exterior to survive (hint: he does as he gets older).

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