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"The Book of Joel: Volume One"'s First Print in Hard-Cover - also now live on Google Play!

Two amazing events have happened this week!

1) The hard-cover hard copy of "The Book of Joel" (only six copies, and the ones meant for others have been sent out already to my biggest supporters - thank you! I'm keeping the remaining two)

See the unboxing video here.

Me and Tete.Depunk will be making a podcast video soon about the book, showing me flip through it. It's high-quality stuff, folks. The printing firm did such a great job with it! The cover is silky to touch and the print quality is extremely high.

2) "The Book of Joel" Volume 1 (up to the end of chapter 3, with the introduction by Tete.Depunk and an author's note by me, which are not on Tapas) is now available for purchase on Google Play for 15 Canadian dollars (~12 USD).

Buy it here on Google Play.

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