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Andrei's Letter to Joel - by Tete.Depunk

Check out this amazing letter Tete's Andrei wrote to Joel! He is lecturing him after he failed to get Joel to talk more to Malka.

Here's what it says:

Dear Yolenka,

I trust, being the man I am and the "man" you seem, you think long and hard! You coward! You devil, breaking poor little Malenka's heart, soft and tender as she is!

Be man! Show your heart for this poor lonely angel! Yolenka, you really piss me off with your attitude! you'd better show kindness to little Malenka, or else I'll teach you swimming in the Bruklin River [Andrei misspelled Brooklyn]! Tell Malenka you love her. That is all! All is good, then!

In hopes,

Your best friend,


Joel's response is in this video:

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