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EP 135.5: Tarot Analysis: The Lovers | Major Arcana | Love, Sensuality, and Connection

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Hi everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! How fitting - this week’s Tarot card is The Lovers.

In my portrayal of The Lovers tarot card of the Major Arcana, we see none other than Malka and Joel from my graphic novel, "The Book of Joel.” The uncensored version is on my Patreon, by the way, for those who are curious.

In its upright position, this card symbolizes honesty, attraction, and overcoming trials. As we’ve seen already, Joel and Malka overcome many trials, mostly internal, in “The Book of Joel.” In particular, they manage to overcome Joel’s self-sabotaging and self-flagellating tendencies. Joel is someone who has always struggled with chasing after things that he knows he will enjoy because he doesn’t want to enjoy things in life. He prefers feeling emotionally flat, as he calls it, because there’s less emotional risk involved.