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EP 142.5: Tarot Analysis: Strength | Major Arcana | Strength, Decisiveness, and Calmness


Hi everyone! This week, we’ll look at Strength in my tarot deck, the Fortunus Games tarot deck.

This card is either number Eleven or Eight, depending on the deck. I chose to go with Eleven.

I chose to represent Strength as Fahid from Tete’s fantasy series, “Scale, Blood, and Bone,” which you can read on Tapas. “Scale, Blood, and Bone” is an alternative universe (AU) fantasy reinterpretation of some of the events of my “The Book of Joel.”

Fahid is the AU version of my character Frankie Amato.

I chose Fahid because he is literally a very strong man in all aspects of the word. He also wants success and will do a lot of things to achieve his goals. Like his "Sam in New York" counterpart Frankie, he is a bold, decisive man who prefers action to overthinking and rumination (the opposite of Joel Farber in many ways).

Fahid is stroking a lion on its jaw and forehead because he is unafraid and capable of taming such a wild beast. Fahid has a calm, serene energy that can calm calamities as represented by the lion. Although he’s a warrior and an adventurer, he’s not necessarily belligerent. He has other ways to convince others to lay down their swords - namely, diplomacy and tact.

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