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EP 149.5: Tarot Analysis: The Moon | Major Arcana | Imagination and Self-Knowledge

Hi everyone! This week, we’ll look at the Moon in my tarot deck, the Fortunus Games tarot deck.

The Moon features Katya Luneva from my graphic novel, Sam in New York.

This card represents imagination contrasted with day-to-day life. The dog and wolf represent the tame side of our nature versus the wilder and more instinctual aspects of our humanity. This card also represents intuition and the early stages of consciousness unfolding. The crayfish at the very bottom is actually us at the beginning of our journey. As we move on land and through the mountains and navigate both the tame and wild sides of our human nature, we learn more and more about ourselves and those around us.

Katya is a good fit for this card because she is very imaginative, instinctual (@tete.depunk's Andrei can attest to that!), and curious about her surroundings. She spends much of her limited free time daydreaming about possibilities and is very much into mythology and fantasy. She is also one of the most sexually confident female characters, seeing sensuality as a way to express herself as well as to understand others.

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