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EP 161.5: Tarot Analysis: Ten of Cups | Minor Arcana | Divine Love and Familial Happiness

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This week's card from the Fortunus Games tarot deck is the Ten of Cups featuring Joel Farber, Malka Spitzer, and their kids, Abigail and Rubin, from my graphic novel, “The Book of Joel”!

The Ten of Cups symbolizes divine love, contentment, alignment, and familial happiness. Joel and Malka have finally decided to come together. Now they have everything they've ever wished for - a loving home, fulfilling love, and beautiful children to share their love with.

This is a groundbreaking milestone for both of them since they came from dysfunctional homes. Now they have the chance to break free of the cycle and create the home life they've always wished for. They also have endless opportunities to talk about life, their interests, and more.

Above them is a rainbow, which is a sign from the Divine that everything will be alright.

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