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EP 178.5: Tarot Analysis: Knight of Pentacles | Minor Arcana | Productivity, Routine, and Hard Work

This week's tarot card from the Fortunus Games tarot deck is the Knight of Pentacles. It features Katya Luneva from my graphic novel, "Sam in New York.”

Katya is sitting on a black horse while looking at the coin in her hand. She seems to be carefully observing the coin and isn't in a hurry to get anywhere.

Behind her is a giant field that has been ploughed row by row. This suggests that Katya, as the Knight, is ready to do anything to realize her dreams, even if it's boring and repetitive.

In short, this card stands for productivity, hard work, and routine.

As a factory worker, Katya is willing to put in a lot of work to reach dreams that might never come true. Granted, her dreams are humble for the most part (to have more time for herself and a solid, rich inner life full of family and friends), but they can still be hard to reach, thanks to the poor economy and many other factors.

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